Aries IPSA has more than 50 years experience in the plastics sector. Throughout these years we have progressed by implementing continuous improvements to our technology and machinery pool to satisfy all the production demands made by our customers with the highest quality standards.

We provide a comprehensive service to our customers, working with them in the design of the piece, advising on technical aspects, material selection and optimising production.



Composition of assemblies and subassemblies. With the aim of satisfying the needs of our customers we provide a turnkey product that includes composition, tampography, paintwork, welding and a wide choice of other optional services.

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Composition of moulded parts

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Automotive industry

Experience in the sector at domestic and international level that enables us to meet the high quality standards demanded by the sector.

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Automotive metallisation

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Automotive bi-material injection


Automotive sector

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Automotive sector

Pharmaceutical sector

Our cleanroom enables us to meet the requirements of the sector.


Products for the pharmaceutical sector




Aries IPSA is equipped with benchmark facilities in this sector. Our clean room is isolated from the rest of the machinery and is specially designed to control the quantity of suspended particles in the air and other parameters such as temperature, relative humidity and pressure.

With machinery at the cutting edge of the latest technology we are able to control the entry, generation and retention of particles at all times, functions essential to preventing contamination when working with products for sectors as demanding as the laboratory, pharmaceutical and food industries.

IML clean room

Telecommunications, electronics and electricity

Our know-how is backed by more than 50 years of collaboration with leading firms in all industrial sectors.

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Injection for industry

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Injection of elastomers

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Injection of thermoplastics


Among other products that we can provide to measure, we have catalogue of PVC pipe fittings.


Coupling sleeves

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PVC piping fittings

Office accessories

Wide range of references in both injection and laser cutting.

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Swiss Flex


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Piping spacers, caps and sleeves.

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Pharmaceutical sector


Belts Watch straps

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Office accessories

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